How to use the Training Manual

Chapter 1

Introducing the CASA/GAL Volunteer Role

Unit 1: Welcome
Unit 2: Understanding Child Abuse & Neglect
Unit 3: Principles & Concepts That Guide CASA/GAL Volunteer Work
Unit 4: Looking Ahead
The Harris-Price Case

Chapter 2

Introducing the Law, the Child Protection System & the Courts

Unit 1: The Development of Child Abuse & Neglect Laws
Unit 2: Introducing CPS & the Court Process
Unit 3: The Roles in a Juvenile Court Case

Chapter 3

Developing Cultural Competence

Unit 1: Diversity
Unit 2: Cultural Heritage
Unit 3: Personal Values
Unit 4: Culturally Competent Child Advocacy
Unit 5: Developing an Action Plan

Chapter 4

Understanding Families – Part 1

Unit 1: Family Strengths
Unit 2: Understanding Families Through Culture
Unit 3: Stress in Families
Unit 4: Risk Factors for Child Abuse & Neglect
Unit 5: The Impact of Mental Illness on Children & Families
Unit 6: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children & Families

Chapter 5

Understanding Families – Part 2

Unit 1: The Impact of Substance Abuse/Addiction on Children & Families
Unit 2: Poverty – The Facts for Children
Unit 3: The Importance of Family to a Child

Chapter 6

Understanding Children

Unit 1: The Needs of Children
Unit 2: How Children Grow & Develop
Unit 3: Attachment & Resilience
Unit 4: Separation
Unit 5: Permanence for Children
Unit 6: Psychological & Educational Issues for Children

Chapter 7

Communicating as a CASA/GAL Volunteer

Unit 1: Developing Communication Skills
Unit 2: Communicating with Children
Unit 3: Dealing with Conflict
Unit 4: Understanding Confidentiality

Chapter 8

Practicing the CASA/GAL Volunteer Role – Gathering Information

The Kaylee Moore Case
Unit 1: How a CASA/GAL Volunteer Is Appointed to a Case
Unit 2: Planning the Investigation & Gathering Information
Unit 3: A Successful CASA/GAL Volunteer Interview
Unit 4: Investigating a Case

Chapter 9

Practicing the CASA/GAL Volunteer Role – Reporting & Monitoring

Unit 1: Community Resources
Unit 2: Writing Reports & Making Effective Recommendations
Unit 3: Appearing in Court
Unit 4: Monitoring a Case

Chapter 10

Pulling It All Together

Unit 1: Self-Care for Volunteers
Unit 2: Support from CASA/GAL Program Staff
Unit 3: Focusing on the Needs of the Child

Court Report Format

Case Activity Sheet

Contact Log Sheet


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