Ann Marie BinsnerAnn Marie Binsner was named the 2013 Kappa Alpha Theta CASA Director of the Year by the National CASA Association. “Ann Marie continues to demonstrate outstanding leadership and teamwork qualities. We greatly appreciate her talents, invaluable support and care for the residents and youth of this county,” says Gloria Brown, Director of the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services

Ann Marie was selected from over 900 CASA and GAL Program Directors due to her leadership of CASA and role within the community. Ann Marie has directed CASA/Prince George’s County since it began operations in 2001. Her energy and dedication to the CASA mission have been a driving force behind the program’s success and continuous improvement. Ann Marie is raising standards for transition planning for emancipating youth. Under her leadership, CASA/Prince George’s County has implemented Fostering Futures, developed an Emancipation Manual that is being distributed to all transitioning youth, and created an “Emancipation Checklist” that is being used for all transitioning youth in care.

In the community, Ann Marie proactively seeks opportunities to raise awareness regarding child welfare issues. Under her leadership, the CASA program has provided trainings to DSS workers, Legal Aid attorneys and other service providers, bringing best practices to the forefront. Ann Marie also worked with other local CASA programs to develop a campaign that brands CASA in the DC Metro area and increases public awareness of child welfare issues.

Ann Marie is an exemplary servant leader who has proven her dedication to creating the best possible community for all citizens.

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