Celebrating Our CASA Champions

This page is dedicated to those volunteers and supporters who help CASA outside of the traditional child advocate volunteer role. For some, it’s going above their CASA Volunteer role, for others it’s helping in unique ways because they cannot be a CASA because of their schedule. There are many ways to be a CASA Champion, read the stories below and get inspired!

Partnerships: Changing the Future Together

The work CASA does on behalf of children in foster care would not be possible if it were not for partnerships. Every day our staff and volunteers partner with the Courts, the Department of Social Services, resource providers and community partners to meet the needs of children in care. Which is why we were so excited when CASA Champion Rosema “Roe” Taylor came to us with a new type of partnership that resulted in an unprecedented donation that will help the children we serve. Roe and her husband Daniel are steadfast supporters of vulnerable youth and decided to work together to elevate a personal donation through a corporate match. When she’s not volunteering with CASA, Roe is the CEO of Knights Health Care Services, LLC, which provides skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and other in-home healthcare. Roe wanted to make a donation from her personal income from the business to an organization that works to improve the lives of vulnerable children. Recognizing the level of need of foster youth in Prince George’s County and CASA’s unique approach to protecting their best interests, Roe decided to invest in CASA. She made the largest one-time personal donation CASA has received to date. But her generosity didn’t stop there. Roe and Daniel teamed up to combine her personal donation and the philanthropic efforts of his company, Battelle, to make a truly meaningful impact. With Roe’s advocacy, Daniel was able to secure a 100% matching gift from Battelle that doubled the reach of Roe’s already generous donation. With this combined investment, in 2015 we will train 65-80 new volunteers and serve 160 abused and neglected children. We will raise awareness about child abuse and train staff, volunteers, social workers, lawyers and other stakeholders. And we will ensure that older foster youth are prepared for independence. CASA’s Board and Staff are humbled by the confidence Roe and Battelle have placed in us. As you know, CASA’s constant goal is to grow to meet the level of need of our community. In order to reach the 75% of foster youth not currently served by CASA, we will need to dramatically increase individual and corporate investments in our work. This amazing personal/corporate partnership spearheaded by a dedicated CASA Champion have strengthened our conviction that together we can do this. Together we will provide a voice to all abused and neglected children.