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In-Service Training (IST): Department-Led Youth Meetings (FTDM, FIM, YTP, TFTDM)

July 26 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

As a CASA you’ve probably come across so many acronyms – FTDM, FIM, YTP, TFTDM. Or you may have heard the term “family meeting” or “Facilitation” or “Facilitated meeting”.. Can you believe those all might be used to refer to the same meeting? If you’re confused, imagine how your youth feels. And did you know that once a youth hits 14, they are supposed to have one of these Department led meetings every 6 months to discuss their personal educational/vocational/housing goals?
Come join Sarah Bosken, CASA/ Prince George’s County Program Director, and learn about how you can be prepared for the FTDM/YTP process — and what those acronyms even mean for your CASA youth aged 14 and over.
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